$CORE : Student and Community Outreach for Renter Efficiency

 UO students can register for a free energy assessment in Fall 2013!

Sign up here! 

A visit from $CORE’s Student Energy Educators includes:

  • Evaluation of current energy use and recommendations to lower it
  • Installation of energy efficient materials like CFL light bulbs, faucet aerators, weather-stripping
  • Lowered energy bills AND a reduced impact on the environment!
  • Free pizza if more than half the household is present

$CORE provides a free peer-to-peer energy assessment service to UO students living off-campus. Student Energy Educators will help households save money on their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint by providing materials and information needed to lower energy use. If you are a student living in Eugene, sign up for an energy assessment today!

Two trained Energy Educators will perform the hour-long energy assessment scheduled at your convenience. During this hour the team will install energy saving devices such as energy efficient CFL light bulbs, weather-stripping, sink aerators, pipe insulation and low-flow showerheads--all installed free of charge. While one technician is busy with the installs, the other will discuss specific ways that you and your roommates can lower your energy use.

In addition, if more than half the roommates are present, the household will receive a TrackTown pizza on us! 

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$CORE was adopted at the University of Oregon in 2012 to address the "Split Incentive" — the phenomenon that occurs because neither landlords nor tenants have great financial incentives to invest in the energy efficiency of a property.  Typically, landlords do not pay water and electric bills, and tenants lack the capital to invest in energy-savings measures. $CORE provides student tenants with the materials, knowledge, and skills to take ownership over their carbon footprint and utility bills. 

Initial funding for $CORE was secured by business students James Walton and Weston Cooper, who were awarded $10,000 in 2012 by the EWEB's Partners In Education grant program.  The program is moving into the 2013-2014 school year with remaining funds from the original EWEB grant, $5,000 from the City of Eugene, and continued in-kind staff support from the UO Office of Sustainability. Focus the Nation (FTN), a non-profit based in Portland, provided valuable student leadership development to the $CORE coordinators. 

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