Community for Ecological Leaders

The Community for Ecological Leaders (CEL) is a community for students who understand the importance of environmental sustainability and want to work proactively on solutions to the challenges of our time. If you join CEL, you’ll engage with student and community leaders to explore sustainability and make steps towards a healthier planet. CEL blends academics, off-campus exploration, and your residential life to foster a deeper understanding of interconnectedness of life on earth as well as a sense of place in Eugene, Oregon.

Attend an Orientation Trip

(Required) (Sept. 18 – 21) Begin the school year by camping, hiking, and/or biking with other students in your residence hall. Each orientation trip is a great way to get to know the Willamette Valley and to have fun outdoors before school starts. Each trip has a unique focus that will give you a fuller understanding of a specific natural system. Read more below!

Connect Environmental Studies

Enter the classroom to explore and consider complex environmental problems. CEL residents will complete the Environmental Studies core sequence (ENVS 201, 202, 203) together, earning general education credits toward your chosen major (does not need to be Environmental Studies), and joining unique discussion sections that tie academics to the local community and beyond.

Organize a Trip

During the fall term, CEL residents will meet with program mentors to plan further explorations into Oregon. Using information from the orientation trips, the CEL community can initiate day hikes, bike rides, fungal forays, or overnights and work parties at nearby farms.