Heater Exchange Program

The Heater Exchange Program was created to help units on campus seeking Green Resilient Office Certification to replace old inefficient heaters with safe, energy-efficient ones. Environmental Health and Safety approves the heater for safety and Campus Operations approves the heater for efficiency and compatability with electricity plug loads. To view the most recently approved heater (2015), click here.   

Program Rules:

1. Only non-auxiliary units that complete the Green Resilient Office Certification documentation are eligible for free space heaters.  

2. Any unit that requests a free space heater must surrender existing space heaters purchased by UO (complete Property Disposition Form for E-waste collection) or take home space heaters bought with private dollars.            

3. Call Campus operations customer service (541-346-2319) to request heater as part of Green Resilient Office Certification. Identify the project as ""EFFICIENT GREEN OFFICE"" and supply information on the campus location where the new heater should be delivered. Heaters remain the property of Campus Operations and will be ""on loan"" to the unit.

4.  Campus Operations customer service staff will deliver the space heater using a work order that has been set up for this project.       

5. Submit records to Green Resilient Office Program that you have 1) disposed of old space heaters and/or 2) participated in the space-heater exchange program.