rEV Up Eugene!

​Interested in saving $15,000 on a new electric vehicle?Nissan Leaf rev up eugene office of sustainability university of oregon electric car program

The University of Oregon's Office of Sustainability has teamed up with Drive Oregon and EWEB to bring you free workshops to learn everything you need to know about electric vehicles. Replacing your gasoline or diesel vehicle with an electric vehicle is one of the most impactful actions you can take to reduce carbon emissions. Even better? A recent MIT study shows that low-emission vehicles are less expensive to own and operate.  

Check out Drive Oregon for more information.

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Workshop dates: 

Workshop Topics: 

  • EV 101 and the Nissan LEAF
  • EV fueling costs compared to gas powered vehicles
  • Carbon emissions
  • Battery-range and life expectancy 
  • Charging options at home
  • Charging options around town 
  • Cost to insure an electric vehicle
  • Maintenance issues
  • Tax credits and other incentrives 

Questions about the workshops? Contact Steve Mital, Director of the University of Oregon Office of Sustainability or 541-346-0709