More Trips


In the Community for Ecological Leaders, opportunities for off-campus exploration extend throughout the year

Woman Holding a Pumpkin

CEL mentors will work with the community to design evening or weekend trips based on the area knowledge gained during the orientation trips. This is a moment for students to pursue developing interests in the local area. Wednesday of Week 1, students in the CEL will brainstorm possible activities, and staff from Housing and the Office of Sustainability will help make it happen. Read what’s happened in past years to get an idea below!

Trip #1:  Oct.19
We’ve planned a 1 day mushroom workshop, followed by a trip to the hotsprings! Ja Shindler of Fungi for the People will take us out into the woods to look at what’s below our feet! We’ll discuss fungal life as relates to forest health, and learn about mushrooms for food, medicine, and even dying fabrics. This is not a camping trip — we’ll returning in the evening.
Trip #2: Nov. 1 – 3
We’ll be staying at Laughing Stock and spending time with farmer Paul Atkinson. Depending on how the sorghum crop responds after September’s heavy rains, the group will be pressing and cooking the stalks to make sorghum syrup. Sorghum is a traditional American agricultural product that has fallen from popularity, but is an excellent option for local sweetener. Other fun stops might include King Estate, Aprovecho, and other nearby farms.