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UO procures the majority of our electricity and natural gas through local utilities. Review the Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) for further information on energy usage, management, and conservation at the university.

Historical Energy Use

This graph shows energy use intensity (EUI) for our campus. Each data point on the line graph represents total energy use for the previous 12 months divided by total campus square footage for that time period. EUI is a widely used measurement. We use it to evaluate our efficiency over time and to compare our energy use with peer institutions.

Natural Gas Use

UO uses natural gas to heat our campus. This graph shows annual and seasonal variations in usage. To decrease our overall greenhouse emissions, UO is exploring ways to use less natural gas. See the Climate Action Plan for further information.

Electricity Use

UO purchases almost all our electricity from the local utility although the Central Power Station has the ability to generate electricity, when necessary, to power main campus during outages.